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Student Letting with Berkley Estates

We offer a student-friendly service which is provided by a fully trained member of staff who has had experience themselves of looking for suitable student accommodation. We will l help you through the process, and advise you on finding a great place to live. All our student properties are in good condition and compliant with safety regulations and are in close proximity to the University.


The following will help to guide you through our application process.




You will be required to fill in an application form. From the details given, we will draw up your contracts and send a Deed of Guarantor to your guarantor. Your guarantor must be  a UK resident, over 25 years old and a homeowner.  They will have to return the signed Deed of Guarantor which must be witnessed, together with a utility bill dated within the last 3 months.


This paperwork must be returned to us within 2 weeks of making an application.


We would expect the tenancy agreement must be signed within 4 weeks of you making an application. All applicants must sign the tenancy agreement within that time. You are all jointly and severely liable for the property from the commencement date on the contract.  Your deposit will be due on signing the contract, which normally is equal to one month’s rent (unless otherwise stated).




Most of the properties are occupied on the time of the viewing and although we do ask the existing tenants to clean up before the viewings, this does not always happen.


If your application for the property is subject to any additions, remedial work, replacements or removal of any items this should be made clear to a member of our team before you make your application so that any requests can be put forward to the Landlord for their consideration.




On signing the tenancy agreement you will be required to pay the deposit, which is normally equal to one month rent (unless otherwise specified/agreed beforehand). The first rent payment is referred to as the Summer Retainer and will be due on the 01st of July and for the majority of our properties is normally equal to half rent for July and August. The keys to the property can be made available to you so that you can drop off your possessions in the property provided that the tenancy agreement has been signed and your deposit and summer retainer has been paid.  Unless you wish to live in the property over the summer your keys must be returned on the same day.


The deposit you pay is registered with the DPS and is held against any damages to the property and you will not be able to use it as part of your rent. An Inventory will be given to you at the beginning of the tenancy or when you move in which you will be able to check, make comments on anything you feel has been missed. You will be asked to sign the Inventory which will then be retained on file and you will be provided with a copy.


Payment Schedule Dates are as follows:


1st July – 31st August – Half rent (unless otherwise stated)

1st September – 9th October -One month’s rent

10th October – 9th January – 3 Months’ rent

10th January – 9th May – 4 Months’ rent

10th May – 30th June – 2 Months’ rent


We will prepare a standing order for your rent to come out automatically from your account on the dates specified above. It is your responsibility to ensure that your standing has been set-up correctly and we suggest that you make contact with them at least a week before payment is due to confirm that it has been set-up correctly. Your rent must be paid before we can release keys.




We will conduct mid-term inspections during your tenancy and our Maintenance department will give you plenty of advance notice.




If we fully manage the property all maintenance issues should be reported to this office and we do have an out of hours emergency service.




We will aim to contact you by mid October to establish if you would like to continue your tenancy for the next academic year. Renewal applications will only be accepted if all of the tenants are happy to stay and all contracts need to be signed by the end of November. A renewal fee of £65 each is payable and due when the contract is signed. It is your responsibility to find replacements tenants whatever the circumstances and timeframes mentioned above will apply. If you are not planning to stay at the property we will require access to show new students around and would hope to have your full co-operation. In accordance with your contract, 24 hours notice will always be given for viewings.


A Welcome Pack will be given to you before you move in but you can always contact our offices if you want clarification on any matter.

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