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The stamp duty change, BREXIT and increasing taxes for landlords has meant we have seen a drop in the number of budding Buy-To-Let investors grabbing property to capitalise on the rising rental costs that do seem to be spiralling out of control in some locations. This does allow opportunity for First Time Buyers to get their foot in the door, view several properties at the entry level and make a decision based on what they like, rather than being left with the properties that the investors don’t want.

We have noticed a change in recent weeks with many more First Time Buyers popping their heads above the parapet and there are some excellent opportunities in the market place with some fantastic properties on offer. Some buyers get scared that prices might drop and then they are in trouble but to be honest, if you are looking at the house as a home and not as a money making opportunity, and you are happy to stay in the house for 5 years or more, then history suggests that you will be in a very good position to move upwards on the property ladder when you so choose.

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